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What We Do
Our professional counselors are dedicated to serving our clients in an empathetic, objective, and nonjudgmental manner. We currently serve individuals, couples, groups, and families in the Greater New Orleans area. We provide mental health and substance abuse counseling/therapy, private consultations, and assessments.

Our Mission

E. W. Osborne & Associate LLC’s mission is to build trusting, quality, and friendly relationships between our professionals and clients by working together to define and explore problems.

We help clients to develop future goals to enhance their well-being for an improved life and then systematically work towards realizing those goals.

Our confidential sessions are designed to be a collaborative effort. Clients are expected to put forth maximum effort and honesty so that they can receive the fullest benefits of our services.

Who we serve

We serve clients of all ages* and backgrounds providing individual, couple, family and group therapy sessions as well as assessments. We partner with businesses, schools, hospitals, Mental Health / Substance Abuse Rehab facilities, homeless facilities and the judicial system to provide corrective and preventive counseling services.

* Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied
by a parent, legal guardian or court appointed
officer for all counseling sessions.

Our expertise

Areas of expertise would include working with children, adolescences and their families in personal, social/behavioral, career, and academic areas of concern as well as traumatic experiences.    We also specialize in working with dual diagnosis clients.

Other areas of expertise are:  working with clients who experience various mental/behavioral issues that interrupts their mental well-being such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, adjustment issues, etc.